Yellow Heart Cold pressed yellow mustard oil (1 Liter) pili sarso oil | MUFA rich healthy cooking and unrefined yellow mustard oil | heart healthy oil




  • Yellow mustard oil has a unique aroma like desi ghee. It is not similar to routine pungent mustard oil.
  • It is soothing for the skin and does not cause rashes unlike some other normal mustard oil and hence it is good for body and hair massage.
  • Yellow Heart Yellow Mustard Oil is known to boost the brain functionality and helps treat depression.
  • Its has zero pungency and can be used like desi ghee.
  • It is beneficial for both bone and skin health.
  • Yellow Heart Yellow Mustard Oil is a simple yet effective natural ingredient to get rid of Bad Breath.
  • Yellow Mustard Oil has many Vitamins thet Promote Strong and healthy Hair Growth.