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Yellow Heart Oil is dedicated to providing the highest quality food products directly from farms to your table. Their offerings include a variety of millets, Kachi Ghani oil, wood-pressed oil, jaggery, honey, and dry fruits, all sourced with a commitment to authenticity and traditional wisdom. The brand emphasizes transparency and thorough lab testing to ensure product purity. Additionally, Yellow Heart Oil supports rural India by promoting fair trade and creating employment opportunities for local farmers and artisans.


We always do what's right, being honest and open in everything we do.


Our interactions are genuine and caring, building trust through clear communication.


We're all about making a positive impact, focusing on actions that help our community.


We take our job seriously, making sure our products are reliable.


Our customers are our top priority, and we make sure to meet their specific needs.


We're committed to being eco-friendly, working towards a healthier planet for future.

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In our oil manufacturing process, authenticity is supreme. We uphold standards to preserve the purity and integrity of each drop, delivering a genuine and pure product.


We stick to tradition in making our oil, using methods passed down through families. Every batch reflects our dedication to quality and keeping things the way they've always been.


Our purpose as an oil manufacturer is clear: to provide high-quality oil for your needs. We strive to meet your expectations and enhance your cooking experience with every drop.


Our commitment to honesty guides every aspect of our product creation. We prioritize transparency to provide you with a trustworthy product at every stage,with every purchase.


Bringing purest form of food direct from the farms


Harnessing age-old wisdom passed down by Grandmas


Being 100% transparent & thoroughly lab-tested


Empowering rural India with employment & fair trade

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What Do Our Customer Say

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Looking to buy in bulk?

Our wholesale team is available and will assist you during the process.

Looking to buy in bulk?

Our wholesale team is available and will assist you during the process.

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